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A book by Claes Knutson, founder of TXP, a growth consultant with a wealth of experience of companies who have the desire, courage and ability to grow.


The book is intended as an inspiration to those who are interested in how a challenger business works and includes many practical examples from both Swedish and international companies.

I am very proud to be the author of the book It’s All About Attitude! in which I share my ideas about growth, the power of self-driven employees and the art of management based on core values.

If you want to challenge the world you need passion and desire, you need everyone on board, ready and willing to play their part. How do you adapt to this fast paced, dynamic environment in which everyone is engaged in driving the company forward – without descending into total chaos?

The emphasis lies with explaining more about implementivity, in other words the company’s ability to implement its culture, leadership and team ethic. Why is it that in the majority of companies and organisations, management teams constantly ignore implementivity - when this is the very thing that makes all the difference in creating long-term success?

Claes Knutson

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I became incredibly inspired when reading the book and recognized basically all the situations described. Even if you’re only remotely interested in businesses driven by values and self- driven employees, you should read this book!

Lars Kry, CEO (Proffice AB)