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quotes and references

It is with pride that we are able to quote some of our customer’s spontaneous comments:
Concrete theories. Allows me to be both human AND a boss.
Others create extra work – you create simplicity.
You have helped us to become a values-managed organisation and to incorporate these values into our leadership WITHOUT rhetoric and irony.

We have the courage to take more decisions, more quickly. Our internal dialogue has become easier. Independent employees and, not least, fewer conflicts.
Highly credible, excellent ability to drive change.

You don’t give up and are never satisfied (even though the invoice has already been sent).


You challenge us!
Clarity, based on common values and a shared language, improved/simplified working methods and recruitment.

Effective leadership, gets employees on-side, an extremely important part of our great success.

More like a partnership than a consultancy.
You are simple, honest toward us, with no bells and whistles, not politically correct to a fault, firmly anchored in reality.
You have a strong common thread (running through your work), what you impart I can use the same day. Your stuff is ready to use immediately.

You provide a well-thought-out whole.

Simple methods that require no deep analyses.
A participant at one of our breakfast meetings wrote:

Dear Claes,

I listened to your presentation last week and wanted to send a few words of encouragement back after all you gave me, what energy you have! It was wonderful to leave the seminar having listened to your engaging and wise words.

Something that it really reminded me of is that feeling of “Yes, it may be Friday, but only two days until Monday!” Such was my customary attitude throughout my career but this has been somewhat lacking recently (I’ve even been enjoying the weekends!). So now I’m working full-out to rediscover those things that make me feel even more passionate about my job.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for the inspiration!
 Klas Danielsson (Nordnet AB):

“I founded and built the Nordnet online brokerage firm (previously TeleTrade). From the beginning my goal was to build a “sound and vibrant business”. A company that would have the necessary attributes to survive for generations. Utility, principles, pride, joy, desire, passion and willingness to collaborate would prevail. In this I succeeded.

We turned our company culture into an active competitive edge and a formula for growth. Claes helped me with this. I engaged Claes’ services for many years at Nordnet.

Claes’ efforts were invaluable in our work to define, delineate and communicate our company culture, our core values and our way of working. This led to Nordnet becoming an attractive employer, thanks in large part to these values and working methods. It was then, with such affirmation, that I truly felt that I had built a successful company. With Claes’ help we ensured that our culture and core values would remain the strong, common thread running through everything we do, in our relationships with customers, internally in our management training and employee assessments, in the canteen and, not least, in our recruitment.”