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The power of a challenger business emanates from its self-driven employees. In order to ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction we require a framework and goals instead of micromanagement.

The answers to WHERE, WHAT and HOW show the way

provides a powerful gravitational pull, ensuring that everybody is always striving to move in the same direction. It’s all about finding out what motivates people to do that little bit extra. Where is the company heading?

WHAT is it they decide to do, what role do they play in helping the company reach its goals?

HOW is an idea to be implemented, what attitude is required to reach the goal? 

 WHERE are we heading?

Here are some of the things that your WHERE should contribute:

Why? What is the higher meaning? What greater purpose does your company serve?

Visionary! You must be able to feel the greatness in WHERE you’re heading.

Your WHERE should motivate and inspire. Do you have butterflies in your stomach?

Long-term focus. The organisation’s WHERE creates a vision of the future.

A clear WHERE acting as a common thread running through the company will provide enormous energy to all employees!
 WHAT is all about what we need to do to reach WHERE.

 One can look at your WHAT as being the logical answer to the question of what is required in order to reach your WHERE. Those things which have to do with the external and internal preconditions for doing business. For example, a business idea, strategy, focus, ability to grow.

External focus: Do you have the right focus when it comes to customers and customer needs? How is your salesforce functioning – what are you doing to reach the right customers?

Internal focus: How well is your management of internal procedures actually working? Is it facilitating them or making life more complicated? What needs to be standardized and conceptualized?

Multiplication ability: Are the conditions in place to cope with rapid growth, requiring a multiplication of your business in a short space of time?
HOW do we implement WHAT on the way to WHERE?

Every company’s HOW depends on the culture, attitudes and behaviour inherent in its management and staff.

HOW is quite simply about the company’s implementivity and it is often here that the fault lies when a company fails to achieve its goals.

One reason for shortcomings in HOW is that companies in general spend considerably more time and energy on their WHAT than their HOW.

Many business leaders are accustomed to thinking exclusively in terms of budgets and schedules rather than discussing attitudes and behaviour.

At TPX we have extensive experience of working methodically on the HOW question, crafting, launching and implementing on a day-to-day basis. Values management in its true sense.

Please feel free to get in touch- it would be our pleasure to tell you more about our working methods and how we can make a positive difference to your company!